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Offline Editing Facilities
and Room Rental

We have a number of Avid ISIS/Nexis storage systems that can be deployed in your production office to create a networked offline facility with Avid Media Composer or Premiere Pro software.


Alternatively we have cutting rooms available if you are looking for editing space. All of our systems come with full technical support during business hours.

Rushes Processing &
Data Backup

Raw camera data is backed up, tech-checked and transcoded to proxy editing formats by our experienced team of technicians.

Optional “one-light” colour grading can also be added to provide extra sheen to your dailies. Proxies can be uploaded to editors based around the world and viewing copies made available on a number of platforms. We can also set up offsite at a location of your choosing for near-set transfers.

Online Editing

Covering a wide range of tasks from conforming edits to delivering masters to international standards, our meticulous online artists add and remove elements to bring consistency and cohesion to the pictures.

Colour Grading

Working closely with producers, directors and DOPs our colourists are an important part of the creative story-telling process.

By crafting signature looks using state of the art software, the narrative vision is realised and enhanced and tricky technical challenges can be overcome.

Visual Effects

We are involved from concept, planning and design through to shooting and implementation. From simple clean-ups and set augmentation to archival matching and complex compositing,

VFX are an essential part of our brief on most current projects.

Quality Control

Our experienced technicians have in-depth knowledge of broadcast & digital delivery specifications and standards. We are trusted internationally to deliver programs that adhere to the strictest technical standards. File-based QC is also available for PSE (photo-sensitive epilepsy) and file integrity checks, which are often requested by international broadcasters.

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